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Wayne Campbell (owner of Pure of Hearts Productions, LLC &  host of "The Driver's  Side") is at it again, with this entertaining & informative cannabis show. If it pertains to cannabis, he covers it. The episodes highlight all the benefits (medicinally & recreationally)  the beautiful cannabis plant can offer, as well as fun & entertaining gameshows, interviews, product testing & reviews.  It's a show you'll love to watch & share with your family & friends.

It's a Movement

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The ongoing efforts to federally legalize  cannabis (medically & recreationally) is a movement. A movement of the people that can't & won't be stopped until all states, in our great nation, join together & stand up for their right to enjoy & use this incredible plant. The Weekly Weed will support & encourage these efforts & movements.

Growing Together One Plant @ A Time

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Here at The Weekly Weed we aim to change any negative beliefs or perceptions about cannabis. Together, through education & testing, we can showcase all the positive aspects of this magnificent plant. Mentally growing together one plant at a time.

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Special Edition Episode: Honoring Veteran's Day, The Weekly Weed Way.

4pm - 5pm

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Special Edition Episode: Honoring Veteran's Day, The Weekly Weed Way.

It's the soft launch of  "The Weekly Weed" show. Wayne, Amber & Jazzii (along w/special SKYPE guest) address the ongoing challenges veterans face everyday, just to obtain medically prescribed cannabis. ** All show times are PST.**

4pm - 5pm

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